POSTED ON Aug 28, 2019

Swan River Venues to Impress Your Guests

While there are plenty of great venues in Perth, it’s hard to match the million dollar views you’ll find on the shores of the Swan River. Dazzling waterfront and views of Perth city skyline make these 10 venues your top choice when choosing a riverside events venue in Perth.

  1. Burswood on Swan
  2. Mosman Park Golf Club
  3. WA Rowing Club
  4. Swan River Rowing Club
  5. The Riverside Room at the Raffles Hotel
  6. Bells Functions
  7. Nedlands Yacht Club
  8. Beaumonde on the Point
  9. Royal Perth Yacht Club
  10. The Boatshed

Burswood on Swan

Perfect for everything from a private party to a large function, Burswood on Swan offers not only a fantastic waterfront location but also awe-inspiring views of the Perth skyline. Specializing in outdoor events, the spacious lawn esplanade can accommodate intimate parties below 100 and up to 1200 guests.

Whatever the event design, Burswood on Swan offers the space to realize even the most creative ideas. From corporate outdoor barbecues and presentations to relaxed wedding receptions and cocktail hours. It simply oozes elegance and sophistication!

Burswood on Swan

Venue on the Swan river

Mosman Park Golf Club

As if the spectacular waterfront views of the Swan River weren’t enough, Mosman Park Golf Club takes it a step further offering elevated 180-degree views from Fremantle to Perth from its gorgeous Chidley Point location above the river.

The Chidley Room at Mosman Park Golf Club will easily host from 30 to 150 guests celebrating anything from a wedding and a birthday to business seminars and smart corporate events.

Mosman Park Golf Club

Venue with Swan River views

WA Rowing Club

Any riverside setting benefits from a sophisticated nautical vibe bursting at the seams and it couldn’t be more applicable to the River Room at the WA Rowing Club. Combining timeless nautical ambience complete with historic accents depicting the venue’s significance in the rowing community, this charming venue couldn’t be more perfect for any event with an attendance of 20 to 130 people.

The white walls create a clean setting for any event design and the dark wooden accents give the space a timeless and classic feel. The exposed wooden beams give that extra bit of something to set the mood. Watch the city skyline lit up as the sun dips below the horizon!

WA Rowing Club Venue

River venue Perth

Swan River Rowing Club

Floor-to-ceiling windows that open to a spacious balcony are an absolute must for the full enjoyment of any waterfront event. Swan River Rowing Club is a great example. While the space will be suitable for smaller events between 80-130 people, it still packs a punch thanks to its spectacular location.

Located right next to Canning Bridge in Mount Pleasant, the venue enjoys a convenient location with 5-star views.

Swan River Rowing Club

Riverside wedding venue

The Riverside Room at the Raffles Hotel

Highly modern and design-centric, the Riverside Room at the Raffles Hotel satisfies both the need for an events venue with unmatched riverside views as well as modern elegance that even the most design-savvy will be happy with.

Bright and spacious, the Riverside Room not only offers panoramic views but also a fantastic aesthetic with brushed gold accents as well as a riverside alfresco area where the guests can mingle and enjoy the atmosphere. Ideally suited for parties up to 220 guests.

Raffles Hotel Riverside Venue

Corporate riverside event

Bells Functions

Fantastically versatile, Bells Functions is among the best riverside event venues in Perth and it’s easy to see why. The central and highly convenient location on Barrack Street Jetty sets the bar high and the space itself follows suit. Floor to ceiling glass windows open up to the Perth city skyline while also filling the space with light and airiness.

Both the indoor space as well as the terrace boasts a gorgeous design finish exuding luxury and sophistication with a hint of nautical – perfect for the riverside location. Bells Functions can comfortably host anywhere from 20 up to 170 people.

Bells Functions Venue

Iconic Perth venue

Nedlands Yacht Club

Few other venues can match the gorgeous appeal of Nedlands Yacht Club. It is one of the rare venues that stands out with its expansive outdoor space complete with manicured lawns and views of the city skyline and the boat marina. The space is big enough to host anything from the smallest and intimate parties up to large functions for 1500 people.

The world is your oyster when planning an event at Nedlands Yacht Club since the award-winning venue has everything you need for flawless execution of any event be it a wedding, a conference or a product launch.

Nedlands Yacht Club

Event space

Beaumonde on the Point

The Ballroom at the Beaumonde on the Point is a stunning events venue that really ticks all the boxes. Its grand indoor space is a perfect fit for even the most spectacular events while also ideally suited for weddings and private celebrations.

Highly stylish with a modern finish as well as blue and golden accents to fit the riverside surroundings, the Ballroom also offers the most modern audiovisual solutions that will truly elevate any event. The venue has heaps of natural daylight during the day thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows and gorgeous lighting options for luxurious evening affairs.

Beaumonde on the Point

Swan River venue

Royal Perth Yacht Club

Remarkable attention to detail and a commitment to excellence is at the very core of the Royal Perth Yacht Club which offers its River Room and Perie Banou Room for hire. The smart indoor spaces combined with the impressive outdoor lawn area create a 5-star atmosphere on the tranquil shores of the Swan River and Perth city skyline in the background.

Each of the rooms individually can accommodate up to 180 guests yet when combined, the perfect cocktail event for up to 400 guests can be put together.

Royal Perth Yacht Club

function room by the river

The Boatshed

For times when you need to put together an intimate private event still accompanied by the magnitude of Perth city skyline and the dazzling waterfront, The Boatshed is the ideal venue. Perfect for parties up to 16 people, it delivers on the promise to impress.

Elegant and highly sophisticated, The Boatshed has views worth a million and the service is equally top-notch. Impress your business associates or your closest family and friends with an unmatched experience complete with awe-inspiring views.

Riverside Private Dining Venue

private dining room by the river