Venue Musings

POSTED ON Mar 15, 2018

For over 30 years, Perth businessman Alan Nelson has been seeking venues for board meetings, conferences, training and general meetings. We sat down to chat with him about his experiences to date.

Venue Search Frustion

“One of my biggest frustration is finding a good venue, with good organisation, natural light and an overall good “feel” to the room. The problem is that there is not one website that you can go to that highlights all the venues in specific locations, that has their capabilities listed. I have just gathered a list of all the good venues throughout Perth that I know as to their size, service and feel.

If I need one in a new location, I tend to use my network of contacts to ask what they think of certain venues.”

Hidden Gems

“Sometimes you come across a gem. I was at a restaurant the other day while some workmen were renovating a function room. I was able to inspect the room and what a find it was! If I had not been physically there for lunch, I would never have found it.

The need for rooms is only going to increase, whether it’s teleconference facilities, face-to-face meetings or just to get out of offices. Peoples’ minds tend to think differently when they are away from the work environment”.

Introducing Venue Maestro

Needless to say, Alan was relieved to hear that Venue Maestro was launching and that life would be easier. Alan’s pain points are precisely what we are on a mission to eliminate.

Alan runs Business Owners Board aka “BOB” which helps Perth business owners takes their businesses to new levels with business mentoring, group mastermind groups and expert facilitators.